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Since the 1990’s I’ve been standing on stages, large and small, taking often complex and challenging messages to audiences in the UK, Canada, USA, Netherlands, Sweden, Norway and other European countries. Thanks to ongoing feedback and evaluations I’ve continually developed my style to ensure that participants not only enjoy themselves, but also gain a demonstrable benefit from attending. As often happens, I’ve ended up with a specialism – explaining how to spread good practice in healthcare – though, I also cover a number of other topics. If you’re interested in finding out more about this then go to


I do offer free of charge (cover travelling expenses only) speaking, training and facilitation to registered charities in the UK.


Please contact me if you’d like to discuss your requirements.

Much of my public speaking is associated with my published books. I am always happy to discuss your needs with you.


Not all public speaking needs to be a face-to-face commitment. For over five years I have run complex workshops and short plenary session from my broom cupboard of an office – using virtual technology. I am set up to use and have significant experience in making it work.



If you are new to virtual working, I can help you organise your session without you needing to know how everything works. It also saves travel expenses…


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